The Cavs Proved Again That They’re Also The Champions Of Halloween Costumes

The Cleveland Cavaliers take their Halloween seriously, based on photos from their party. Sure, I had to ask like 30 questions in the Uproxx Slack channel about what exactly the costumes were referencing, but I could still tell a lot of effort went into these getups. So let’s look at each one.

LeBron James is dressed as Jerome from the 1990s TV show Martin. I didn’t get this one. As a 1990s person who watched a lot of Martin when it was on, this reference still went over my head. I thought Jerome was one of Martin’s friends but he was actually another character played by Martin. I have no recollection of this. I can say with 100 percent certainty I have heard of LeBron James though.

LeBron also danced.


Now this is good stuff. Jordan McRae as Urkel. I get this reference. Sure, I had never heard of Jordan McRae before this, but he is now my favorite Cavs player. That Laura costume is unreal too. 10/10.

This is Kevin Love and his girlfriend as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne from Dumb & Dumber. Boring.

I have heard of Barack Obama and Channing Frye.


That’s Kyrie Irving as the red Power Ranger. I know both of those people.

Here’s some more stuff courtesy of Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat, which includes Mike Dunleavy and his date as a Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears meme I needed explained to me. It’s not that I didn’t know who they were; it’s that I’m apparently supposed to remember a photo from 15 years ago where they were dressed that way. In 15 years, someone will have to explain to someone what David S. Pumpkins is too.

I’ve come to realize that Halloween costumes are like fantasy teams in that I’m glad you like yours, but if I need it explained to me then I definitely don’t care. A for effort for the Cavaliers though.

(Fox 8)