Kevin Love Reportedly Wasn’t Alone In Getting Called Out In The Cavs’ Team Meeting

01.23.18 1 year ago 6 Comments

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The month of January has not been kind to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team is 3-6 on the month and Isaiah Thomas’ return to the court and addition to the roster has not provided them with any kind of positive lift.

Things are not going well in Cleveland and the Cavs are the NBA’s most interesting team because of it. There are constant anonymous reports and quotes from players out of Cleveland regarding who is at fault for the Cavs’ slide and a seemingly never ending supply of trade rumors from DeAndre Jordan to Kent Bazemore to Kemba Walker.

The latest drama with the Cavs involves Kevin Love falling sick and having to leave the Thunder game after the first half and missing practice on Sunday. The Cavs had a team meeting on Monday and it was reported that there were multiple players that questioned the legitimacy of Love’s illness in a very tense atmosphere. Love explained himself and the sense was that most accepted his explanation, but it’s clear there are a lot of issues the Cavs have to work out.

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