The Cavs Are Already Shopping The Most Valuable Asset From The Kyrie Irving Trade

09.02.17 11 months ago 8 Comments

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The Cleveland Cavaliers got a lot back for Kyrie Irving, but the most valuable long-term piece is unquestionably the Brooklyn Nets’ unprotected first-round pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. While Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder help them out now, Brooklyn’s pick projects to be somewhere in the top-5. The 2018 draft is expected to be really good, especially at the top, so this should give Cleveland the opportunity to acquire a potential superstar.

There’s just one problem: The Cavaliers may not hold onto the pick. According to, the team is considering moving it if the price is right.

As owners of Brooklyn’s No. 1 pick, which could be a top-five pick in next year’s draft, Cleveland has fielded numerous calls already about a potential trade. It could be a part of a major trade package for the Cavs later this year, or, conceivably, the Cavs could make that pick next June.

Cleveland also has its own first-round pick in 2018, which it can trade. The Cavs also have multiple trade exceptions and second-round picks, and are pleased with their assets for potential trades or to replenish the roster in the event of a rebuild.

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