The Cavs Have A Specific Set Of Criteria For A Kyrie Irving Trade

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With Kyrie Irving‘s shocking trade request still hanging over the Cleveland Cavaliers, over 20 different teams have reached out to them, hoping that they could put together the right type of package to acquire the All-Star point guard. The Cavs will likely take their time assessing offers as they are in no rush to trade away Irving. However, the Cavs definitely have some potential blockbuster type deals to consider, one of which we now know won’t be from the Los Angeles Clippers.

According to Los Angeles Times‘ Brad Turner, the Clippers did their due diligence and reached out the Cavs about potentially acquiring Irving. With Chris Paul heading to the Houston Rockets, Irving would clearly be an upgrade over any point guard the Clippers currently have on their roster. Yet, the Clippers don’t have the type of assets the Cavs are looking for in exchange for Irving.

This is a very specific set of wants, but for a player of Irving’s caliber, it makes complete sense.

If they do trade away Irving, the Cavs will need some blossoming young talent so they can start thinking about the future of the team whenever LeBron James decides to retire or even leave in free agency. And the veteran starter is key, especially since even without Irving, the Cavs will be a championship contending team in the East with James. Also, James has in the past preferred to play with more established players since he can count on them more based on their experience.

No matter what the Cavs decide to do with Irving, it’s clear that they want to make sure they can get equal value in exchange. And considering how big of a role Irving plays on the Cavs, this is may be a daunting task for new general manager Koby Altman.