The Cavaliers Appear To Have A New Red Uniform As Part Of Their Nike Collection

Getty Image

The Cleveland Cavaliers will have a bit of color in their uniform selection this fall. And fortunately for LeBron James, there are no sleeves in sight. Nike and the NBA are revealing new jerseys for all 30 teams in the Association, which means all summer we’ll be watching new designs leak out accidentally.

The Cavaliers appear to be the first team to leak a new jersey style, them being a team full of leaks lately. A picture of what appears to be a photo shoot for the new threads, with what might be, ironically, a Kyrie Irving jersey on a mannequin, was posted by Cleveland based photographer Joshua Teplitz on Twitter, but quickly deleted. Luckily, Paul Lukas of Uni Watch saved the image and kept it on Twitter.

The jersey is tucked in, showing off a red-on-red style with a blue waistband that says “Cavs” on the front. Lukas also notes that Teplitz had originally stated that there was an all-black uniform as well that wasn’t pictured, which would likely be the replacement for the sleeved all-black jerseys the Cavs were so fond of in their 2016 NBA Finals run.

It’s not clear just what jersey this is, as teams will have at least four options to choose from this season as part of Nike’s redesign of the league’s overall look. Part of that move is to get rid of designated “home” and “road” uniforms, instead having teams choose which jerseys they’ll wear at home for themselves, whether the traditional all-whites or something more colorful.

It’s unclear where the Cavs will end up wearing this all-red look, but I personally won’t be happy until I see something similar to these fan-designed uniforms. Some of those are truly excellent.