Collin Sexton Made His Pitch To LeBron Right After The Cavs Selected Him At No. 8

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The future in Cleveland is as amorphous as ever, as LeBron’s free agency decision looms large this summer, and much of what they do this offseason will in some way be affected by it. But life goes on, and the organization still has decisions to make, and on Thursday night, they chose to select point guard Collin Sexton with the No. 8 pick in the draft.

It’s unlikely that Sexton is going to sway LeBron’s decision one way or another, but the precocious young rookie nonetheless used his screen time to pitch LeBron on staying with his hometown Cavs instead of chasing rings elsewhere.

“Man, LeBron, let’s do it,” Sexton said. “I seen you need a few pieces, that one extra piece this past season. Let’s do it. Let’s go back to the Finals. Let’s do it.”

You have to admire the effort. It’s a big moment for any incoming rookie, but the prospect of potentially joining a team featuring LeBron James that has gone to four straight Finals is particularly exhilarating, so who can blame him for trying to convince the King to stick around.

According to reports, much of the Cavs’ decision-making process here was a direct result of the overall impression they got from Sexton, despite what reportedly wasn’t a great showing at his pre-draft workout.

It’s telling that Cleveland passed on the opportunity to select Michael Porter Jr., who was still on the board at that point as teams clearly continued to be wary of his back injury, which kept out of most of his freshman season at Missouri.