The Cavs Are Taking A Team Field Trip Across The Street To Watch The Indians In Game 6

10.31.16 1 year ago

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As has been discussed endlessly over the past few days, Cleveland is having a sports moment unlike any in the city’s history. The Cavaliers broke the decades-long championship drought, and their title defense is just underway as the Indians are challenging for their first World Series title since 1948 — the second-longest drought in the majors behind their opponent, the Chicago Cubs.

Of course, that much interest all at once has forced some logistical difficulties, but the Cavs are happy to accommodate:

That’s right, the Cavs will take on the Rockets early to make sure most everyone in Cleveland can enjoy both games, including the Cavs players themselves, as Kyrie Irving told

“It’ll be an experience of a lifetime,” Irving said. “Game 6 of the World Series, man, hoo, that’s big time. I’m excited for them. I know the city is. I’m happy our game got moved up. I don’t mind moving it for the World Series at all. It’ll be an exciting time.

“Hopefully we can get a suite and we can walk over there as a team and watch our home team go for a championship as well.”

Quicken Loans Arena is right across the Gateway Plaza from Progressive Field, and that short walk could turn into a mad dash through a throng of supporters if word gets around that LeBron and company are hitting the streets. For fans who don’t want to miss a single second, owner Dan Gilbert promised to allow people to stay in the Q again and watch the game on the big screen in the arena.


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