Cleveland Responds Badly When Asked To Name LeBron’s Unborn Baby Girl

It was announced LeBron James and wife Savannah Brinson are expecting a baby girl when Pat Riley let it slip at his press conference yesterday. As such, Cleveland.com asked their readers to help name the unborn daughter of King James. Unfortunately, readers responded in such poor taste, they had to take the article down.

As first reported by clevescene.com (H/T Deadspin), the news that a now-terminated post asking cleveland.com readers to name LeBron’s unborn baby girl was filled with such commenting filth, they had to take it down.

There is a cached version of the piece and the comments because once something’s online, it’s basically permanent.

Still, we’d rather not relay all the vile, racist, and remarkably dumb things the first set of commenters suggested. A lot of them had to do with Delonte West, naturally, or the same type of ignorant racial stereotyping Donald Sterling still clings to like a luddite former plantation owner.

For a city that burned LeBron jerseys when he left in the summer of 2010, then had two instances where fans rushed the court when the Heat were in town to implore LeBron’s return, this sort of behavior doesn’t do the city any favors. That goes double when James could opt out this summer and become a free agent, with a possible return to his home state on the horizon.

That won’t happen if the denizens — at least those who sounded off in the comments of that post — continue to act like sulky children, throwing a temper tantrum any time James is mentioned, and going out of their way to produce the most hackneyed and spiteful drivel about LeBron when given the opportunity. Good luck getting him in free agency, Cleveland — if he actually becomes a free agent. You’re gonna need it when this sort of conduct rears its ugly head.

(clevescene.com; H/T Deadspin)

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