Clippers Fans Chant ‘Refs, You Suck,’ And Reggie Miller Asks, ‘Suck What?’ Like He Doesn’t Know

If there was one downside to Tuesday night’s epic Game 5 of the Clipper-Spurs first round playoff series, it was that Reggie Miller was the color commentator. He’s not always the most insightful guy, sure, but he wondered aloud at a “REF YOU SUCK” chant by Clippers fans, “What do they mean, refs you suck? Suck what?”

Seriously, Reg? He’s either the most naïve man ever to come through an NBA locker room, or he was doing some sort of elaborate bit. If it was the latter, then, props to Reggie, but come on. And you’d think he’d get a “cut it out” from his producers on his earpiece after that, right? Well, either he ignored them or they egged him on, because HE JUST. KEPT. GOING.

You know damn well what, Reggie. Speaking as a Knicks fan who was alive and sentient during the peak rivalry years, I feel like I’ve told you personally (through the TV) enough times that you should know damn well what we all mean. Also, I resent that you made me remember that dark time in my life. Kevin Harlan shares some of the blame for this infuriating moment by not elbowing Reggie under the broadcasting table to shut it. That was your best chance to get away with it, Kevin!

(Videos via NEWS24 and and Ricky O’Donnell)