Clyde Frazier Took Issue With LeBron Sitting Away From The Lakers Huddle

03.17.19 5 months ago

MSG Network

The Lakers are, mercifully, just 13 games away from the end of a miserable 2018-19 season, including Sunday afternoon’s game in New York against the Knicks.

They never showed the ability to flip the proverbial switch and make any kind of real playoff push, despite proclamations from LeBron James that he would be getting into playoff mode early to help facilitate such a run. Over the past few weeks, the conversation in Los Angeles has slowly shifted into one trying to assign proper blame for this season’s misfortune, from ownership to the front office to coaching to LeBron to the veterans and, finally, the young players.

On Sunday, the Lakers found themselves in a tight game with the Knicks, providing another proof point that they’re much closer to the league’s bottom tier than that of the contenders. During the first half, Knicks color commentator and NBA Hall of Famer Clyde Frazier took LeBron to task for being seated at the far end of the bench, only chatting with Tyson Chandler in street clothes, while the rest of the Lakers were in the huddle.

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