Did Coach K Lecture Oregon’s Dillon Brooks After The Game?

In the final seconds of Oregon’s 82-68 victory against Duke in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night, Dillon Brooks drained a 35-foot 3-pointer with the shot clock about to expire. It was either take the long shot or take a shot clock violation and Brooks chose to shoot.

After the game, Duke coach and sore loser Mike Krzyzewski had an extended chat with Brooks in the handshake line. Brooks told reporters that Coach K wasn’t happy about the shot.

When confronted about this allegation of being a wet blanket, Coach K adamantly denied it. Now, I’m not part of the profiling team on Criminal Minds, and I lack a degree in psychology that would allow me to interpret facial expressions, but doesn’t Coach K seem like the worst liar in the world in the postgame press conference? Brooks was clearly apologetic in the handshake line, so why would he act that way?

“I didn’t say that. … You can say whatever you want. You can take whatever he said and you can go with it.”

When people lie about you, no one says, “That’s a lie, but please print it.” That’s what you do when you realize there is no reason to lie while you are mid-lie and you shouldn’t be lying in the first place, but it’s too late to admit what was said was the truth.

Anyway, Duke got blown out, Coach K cried about it in the handshake line, then probably got caught in a lie during the postgame press conference. This is March.

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