Coby White Thinks His New Hairdo Gives Him ‘Superpowers’ For The Bulls

If you haven’t watched the Chicago Bulls lately then you’re missing out on the development of Coby White. That’s right: he changed his hair! Oh, and he’s also scored 30-plus points in consecutive games off the bench, the first rookie in NBA history to do that.

White’s hair is iconic. Anyone that watched him college remembers his incredible afro bouncing around as he drove into the lane. And he likes to say that his hair gives him “superpowers” but recently he has decided to move away from the afro and add twists. The results, apparently, have been positive for his scoring as well as his look.

Via ESPN’s Eric Woodyard.

“Yeah. It gives me powers,” White told ESPN. “That’s what everybody says. It’s kind of my trademark.”

“I still got it, the twists just add the extra oomph,” White said, laughing. “I got tired of the fro. It wasn’t a good look for me anymore. It started to get too long. I didn’t really feel like cutting my hair, and I liked the twists. I think they’re fire. I always change it up every now and then, but these are just easier to maintain.”

Obviously playing well on the court is a priority, but it’s also important to look good, too. White’s fro ruled, but the changes still have him among the best cuts in the league. With Elfrid Payton cutting his short, and Jeremy Lin currently not on an NBA team. you can even make the argument that White is the current holder of the best hair in the league.

As White’s rookie year continues we’ll have to see what kind of impact his style change has on his game. The early returns are good and he finishes the season strong then he might have to permanently stick with the twists.