You’ve Never Seen A Buzzer-Beater Like This Before

Tuesday night’s college basketball game between SUNY Brockport and SUNY Oswego featured the most incredible buzzer-beater that we’ve ever seen. That may sound hyperbolic, but we’re being 100 percent serious when we say that we’ve never seen a last-second shot like this.

Brockport had the ball on the opposite baseline with only a few seconds left, trailing by three points. One of its players heaved a pass down court, only to have the ball bounce off of the rim. It nearly went in – which would have been cool, but it wouldn’t have counted – but instead took a funky bounce and landed in the arms of sophomore guard Hamed Shamseldin. He caught the ball from just behind the three-point arc, barely squared himself up to the hoop, and threw up a three that was nothing but net.

If you can’t quite make out the flight of the ball in the video on top, here’s one that highlights its path:

The good news for Brockport was that the insane shot wasn’t for naught – it went on to beat its SUNY rival in overtime, 77-67. Shamseldin had 21 points on the night, and while we didn’t see every bucket from the game, we’ll bet large sums of money that this was the most impressive shot he hit.