This Guy Got Dunked On And Then Rode Like A Pony In The Most Embarrassing Posterization

03.07.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

If you happened to miss University of the Incarnate Word take on the Houston Baptist Huskies this weekend, shame on you because you missed the best moment of the college basketball season so far.

During Incarnate Word’s win over HBU, UIW’s Shawn Johnson threw down an emphatic jam over a poor defender. It’s always tough to be the victim of a posterization, but that experience becomes exponentially worse when the assailant then finishes off the dunk by landing square on your shoulders and proceeding to ride you around like a horse. That nightmare became a reality for HBU’s Asa Cantwell.

To Cantwell’s credit, he handled the humiliating experience about as well as you could expect anyone to. When something emasculating like this happens during a game, you’ve come to expect players to get all huffy-puffy and try to redeem themselves by acting tough. Cantwell, however, took a different approach.

Not only did the freshman HBU guard do his best to make sure Johnson was secure on his shoulders and help lower him safely to the floor, he also proceeded to laugh off the incident with a huge smile, then congratulate the man who just turned him into a human horsie with a pat on the bum. That’s alarmingly good sportsmanship.

As for Johnson, he may want to look into the rodeo if basketball doesn’t work out.



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