This Incredible College Basketball Dunk Is A Frontrunner For The Posterization Of The Year

Basketball games between Wright State and Urbana don’t usually generate a ton of internet buzz. In fact, Tuesday’s meeting between the two college programs was not on the radar at all for the first 17 minutes until Steven Davis submitted what might be the best dunk of the season at the college level.

With his team leading 36-14 over a wildly overmatched opponent, the 6’8 senior from Indianapolis made his way to the rim with reckless abandon. Within seconds, Davis was taking off for what was always going to be an impressive dunk, but Urbana’s Dalton Payton thought it wise to step in front of the oncoming freight train and it ended quite poorly for the 6’6 junior swingman.

As you can see above, Davis used Payton as something of a spring board, pushing off with his right leg against the defender’s body, and that propelled him well above the rim to finish the poster-worthy dunk. Prior to Tuesday, Steven Davis of Wright State wasn’t a thing in the college basketball world, but this might put him on the map with haste.