Conan Eventually Realizes Playing Basketball Isn’t The Best For His Health

Entertainment Editor
10.13.16 2 Comments

As the tallest late night host at 6-4, Conan O’Brien could probably work the post for some easy buckets against his diminutive peers. Fallon? Only six-feet-tall. Kimmel is 6-1. Conan would dominate against them, and all late night hosts through history. Even David Letterman or Johnny Carson. Mostly because Carson is dead and can’t play defense. Letterman? Quadruple bypass anyone?

In the real world of hardcore pickup basketball, however, Conan isn’t able to fair too well. The creamy-skinned redhead is a funnyman, not an athlete. We’ve seen him try, and fail, to show off his athletic prowess, and it’s never worked out well. Now Conan is going back to the well to when he visited New York City so he could step in The Cage, also known as the West 4th Street courts. Conan strutted onto the courts, then quickly left them via stretcher.

But Conan is a focused individual, he never would’ve made it this far without the drive to make it. He puts that effort into his physical rehabilitation and defending himself from Andy’s attempts at finally snuffing him out for good. After a few weeks of recovery, Conan realizes that basketball is far too dangerous for him, so he decides to play a nice and easy game of chess.

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