Contest: Help Us Rename The Sacramento Kings

03.21.11 8 years ago 47 Comments

Let us be clear: We want the Sacramento Kings to stay in Sacramento and stay the Kings. But as each day passes, it’s looking more and more like that will not be the case next season. While the franchise has until April 18 to decide whether or not to say in Sac-Town, we figured we should be ready if and when the move to Anaheim goes down. All reports out of California are that the Maloofs are going to do their best to maintain the club’s history – which goes from Rochester (1945) to Cincinnati (1957) to Kansas City/Omaha (1972) to Sacramento (1985) – and have already trademarked four potential names:

1. Anaheim Royals

2. Los Angeles Royals

3. Orange County Royals

4. Anaheim Royals of Southern California

From what we hear, the Anaheim Royals are the favorite amongst this group, paying homage to the Rochester Royals who were founded in 1945 (although they didn’t join the NBA until 1948). But with that said, it’s not clear that the final name would come from one of these four.

What do you think? What are some new potential names for the franchise if they leave Sacramento?

Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and we’ll pick out the best ones. The winner will get some swag from the Dime office.

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