Watch Corey Brewer Accidentally Punch A Referee Right In The Face

It was midway through the second quarter of Sunday night’s DeAndre Jordan free throw practice Clippers win over the Rockets in Game 4 when Corey Brewer decided to take it to the cup. Brewer’s got a really nice burst with his first step and blew by Blake Griffin on his way to a bucket and the foul. Except, the former Gator guard’s arms never stopped spinning and ended up connecting with referee Ron Garretson when Brewer’s momentum carried him out of bounds.

Crawford was fine, but head referee Danny Crawford rushed over like maybe he thought Brewer slugged his peer in zebra stripes on purpose (Mike Woodson would have been a much more likely culprit). That’s obviously not the case here, but Brewer’s flailing fists of fury may have caught the eye of RZA.

(H/T Mike Prada)