Courtney Lee Put His Own Head On Dwyane Wade’s Body In This Knicks Pic On Instagram


Courtney Lee is in somewhat of a weird spot. Sure, he just agreed to a contract with the Knicks, one that would suggest that he will be the team’s starting two guard.

But barring something kind of surprising happening, the Knicks are also going to try and sign Dwyane Wade to be their starting two guard. New York has reportedly been in talks with Wade and his camp, and if they bring him on board, you would think that Lee would get relegated to bench duty. Lee is good enough to start for the Knicks, but he’d also help the team out a ton if he was a bench guy, so this is one of those scenarios where you can see both sides of the argument.

Still, it has to be kind of awkward for Lee to be in this situation. So much so that he may have taken a subtle jab at the whole “D-Wade to N.Y.” thing. Above is a picture that Lee posted to his Instagram account of the Knicks’ current starting five: Derrick Rose, himself, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, and Joakim Noah. It seems fine … but something is up with Lee’s ears. And he’s not known for wearing a shooting sleeve. So what gives?

As it turns out, Lee or someone else jacked this picture of the Knicks’ starting five if Wade came on board and put his head on Wade’s body.

Maybe this some kind of commentary from Lee on the kind of player he and Wade could form if they became one. The only thing Wade isn’t especially good at is three-point shooting, and that is the strength of Lee’s game. Lee also is a little more durable than Wade at this point, so imagine Dwyane Wade’s overall ability mixed with Courtney Lee’s shooting and durability. That’s definitely the best 2-guard in the NBA, don’t you agree?

Of course there’s always the explanation that Lee (or someone in his camp) just isn’t al that great at Photoshop and threw Lee’s face on the ready-made pic of the Knicks’ starting five and swapped in Lee’s face for Wade’s. But that’s not nearly as controversial.

(via Sports Illustrated)