Courtside View of the “Southwest Philly Floater” That Sent LaSalle To The Sweet 16

Also drinking deeply from the well of irrational confidence along with the entire Florida Gulf Coast roster? The LaSalle Explorers. They’ve now won three NCAA Tournament games in less than a week, knocking off Boise State, Kansas State and Ole Miss. Last night’s victory came down to the wire, and the Explorers went up two with 2.5 seconds left on this tough drive by 6-1 junior guard Tyrone Garland right at 6-9 shot blocker Reginald Buckner.

After the game, Garland dubbed the move the “Southwest Philly Floater” and told reporters, “[Buckner] blocked my shot a couple times during the game, but I ain’t scared of nobody.”

Here’s a video of the final seconds taken from a courtside seat:

And watch the students watching back at LaSalle go nuts at the end of the game, including a group of girls mocking Marshall Henderson‘s “Land Shark” celebration:

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