Craig Sager’s Memorial Service Was A Collection Of Painfully Beautiful Moments And Tributes

Craig Sager’s memorial service was held in Atlanta on Monday. His family and friends from decades of covering sports came out to say goodbye, including his long-time co-worker and friend Ernie Johnson, who delivered a touching tribute to Sager in the form of a poem.

Johnson’s full eulogy has more stories about Sager.

NBA TV aired the service live, so don’t feel like any of the following is invasive, because the family clearly wanted the memories from Sager’s life shared with the people who knew him best and knew him from his years of working in front of the camera.

Craig’s daughter, Kacy Sager, nearly didn’t make it to the memorial service on time, as she was having difficulty with her flight on Frontier Airlines, an airline I’ve never heard anyone ever say anything nice about. She live-tweeted her predicament, the last thing she needed at this point in her life.

Kacy eventually got there and delivered one of the better lines to honor someone.

The remembrances are still trickling out, as the service ended on Tuesday afternoon. But the memories aren’t over. His legacy on the game will be felt for a long time, and as Kobe Bryant said on Friday, Sager’s “profound impact” hasn’t even scratched the surface.

Update: There was a gathering at a bar after the memorial service, and this happened.