The Least Chill Coach Alive Ran On The Court And Rejected A Little Kid’s Shot

03.03.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Everyone is going to kill this coach. Not me. He’s a hero. When a player on his team was about to score on his own basket, he did what every coach should do — storm the court and reject that shot right back into that kid’s face. Think about what, I assume, are the repercussions of this decision:

1. No basket, saved his team two points
2. A technical foul, for running on the court
3. That means two free throws, but come on
4. No kid on that floor is making two free throws
5. Instead of the kid being embarrassed, now it’s the coach that’s in the spotlight.

Like I said, hero.

Now, consider what this could mean at the higher levels of basketball.

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