Create-a-Two: Building the Perfect NBA Shooting Guard

03.04.10 8 years ago 103 Comments

For the first time during this Create-a-Player series, I thought one man might combine everything I’d want from his respective position. I think you know who it is.

But let’s pretend for a moment that Michael Jordan is not the perfect two-guard. Actually, let’s just state it as a fact. Reggie Miller was a better three-point shooter and (brace yourself) just as clutch as MJ. Kobe Bryant is a better ball-handler. George Gervin was a little more smooth and graceful. Allen Iverson is faster. Jimmy Jackson was stronger. Clyde Drexler was just as good of an athlete as Mike, if not more athletic. Or maybe I’m just reaching.

Either way, while it would be easy to just crown Jordan as the prototype, we can all be a little more creative than that. As always, take into account size, abilities, specific skills, mindset, and other intangibles.

Using only THREE past or present SG’s to put in a blender and combine their best (or worst) traits, create your perfect shooting guard …

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