The Crying Jordan Meme Finally Gets The Documentary It Deserves

02.25.16 2 years ago

The Crying Jordan meme is inescapable and undeniable. It is deployed to troll the loser of nearly every major sporting event, and has been for months now. And finally, the folks over at STASHED have given it the documentary treatment it deserves.

No, it’s not a deep dive into the origin and nature of the meme. No one needs that, and memes never deserve such lofty ambitions. Instead, STASHED went to All-Star weekend in Toronto and asked a bunch of NBA players what they thought of it, which resulted in mostly giggles and head shakes.

Seems about right.

Easily the best part of the video is the documentarians talking to Kawhi Leonard. First, they ask him what he thinks of when he sees the picture of MJ crying at his Hall-of-Fame induction ceremony, and he correctly associates it with the pinnacle of achievement. The filmmaker patiently explains to Kawhi that no, in fact seeing that face means you’ve probably done something bad and are being made to feel bad. This upsets Kawhi, who has neither Twitter nor Instagram and is the heir apparent to Tim Duncan not just as the marquee star for the Spurs, but as the most boring superstar in the NBA.

All the more reason for us to unabashedly love him.


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