A Three-Quarter Court Buzzer-Beater Capped Off This Insane Game-Winning Sequence

Back on December 30th, when you were extricating yourself from family holiday obligations and gearing up for New Year’s Eve shenanigans, Endicott College (alma mater of our very own Pete Blackburn) was busy getting their hearts broken by an insane game-ending sequence from Elmira College, depicted above. Let’s just break it down, because it makes more sense written down then just watching it.

First, Elmira senior Ginoi Leonardi rattled in a three-pointer off an inbounds pass with six seconds left to tie the game at 59. Endicott’s Max Motroni pushed the ball up the court to win, but bumbled the ball into Soaring Eagle (nice nickname, Elmira) Justin Henderson’s hands. Henderson hucked the ball from the opposite three-point line, and wouldn’t you know it, the darn thing went in. Elmira’s bench, predictably and delightfully, went insane.

For those counting at home, that’s six points in six seconds (counting from when the first three hit bottom), and one of the best finishes to any basketball game in all of 2015. It’s just a shame we’re only seeing it after coming out of our holiday slumber — it could have made some serious year-end lists. D-III basketball, never stop bringing us the craziest highlights.

(Names via Elmira Basketball)