Dahntay Jones Defended LeBron Against Jason Whitlock’s Dismissive Comments

06.02.17 11 months ago

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The lead-up to Game 1 of the NBA Finals was, unfortunately, dominated by news that LeBron James‘ Los Angeles home had been vandalized with a racial slur. But instead of brushing the incident aside, the three-time champ decided to tackle it head-on when speaking to reporters on Wednesday, using a reference to Emmett Till to make a powerful statement on the topic of racially-motivated hate crimes in America.

He spoke about it again in an exclusive interview with Rachel Nichols of ESPN’s The Jump, saying that the incident was a “frightening” reminder of what’s like to be a black man in America. Just about everyone agreed that LeBron did the right thing by using his platform and his voice to bring awareness. Everyone except for expert-troll Jason Whitlock, that is, who made the absurd proclamation that LeBron had merely been “inconvenienced” and that his considerable wealth should somehow render him immune to such hatred.

Packers tight-end Martellus Bennett quickly went in on Whitlock via Twitter for his wildly-dismissive comments, and one of LeBron’s teammates followed suit soon after. In an interview with Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports, Dahntay Jones offered a measured response for why Whitlock was misguided in his assessment.

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