This New York Headline Got Super Sexual With The News Jeff Hornacek Might Be Helming The Knicks

05.19.16 3 years ago

The Knicks are expected to hire former Suns coach Jeff Hornacek, and the New York media wasted no time welcoming the new head coach with the above headline. The New York Daily News captured Hornacek, team president Phil Jackson and general manager Steve Mills leaving a New York City restaurant after word leaked that Hornacek would be New York’s newest sideline general.

The play on Hornacek is expected, but the subtitle about Jax (Jackson) and the hot and heavy line sexualizes it to a degree that’s unexpected in a story that’s so purely platonic. But that’s the NYDN now. They’re the Twitter tabloid, which means we’re covering it and talking about it and giving it free press. So, despite how incongruent the headline is for the story, it’s working. The ever-expanding graveyard of failed print periodicals, it’s forced those remaining the fold to adapt and change and create new ways of reporting the news. Some of it’s bad, some of it’s trash, some of it’s amazing. We don’t think this headline falls into any of those categories, but it has accomplished its goal: drumming up interest.

And lets not forget they also wrote about Hornacek’s broadcaster daughter, too.

Back to basketball for a second now. The Hornacek hiring — or, more appropriately, the soon-to-be hiring — materialized out of thin air after Kurt Rambis, an avowed Triangle disciple, spent much of the early part of the offseason as the favorite for the job. This was after he took over for the fired Derek Fisher mid-season as their interim coach.

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