The Mavericks’ Animated Video About The DeAndre Jordan Saga Is The Biggest Troll Job In History

Man, we knew the Dallas Mavericks still aren’t over DeAndre Jordan backing out on them, but we didn’t know they had completely lost their minds. They played this animated video, created by CleoDog Productions, telling the story of DeAndre Jordan’s free agency indecision through out-of-context interview clips (with some impressive editing) and some brutally insulting depictions of the players in the saga. The video is titled “DeAndre Jordan is the FRIGHTENED MAN-BOY” and boy, they are not terribly subtle about this.

Every single character depicted in the video is reduced to an internet troll’s five-seconds-of-thought characterization. It even makes some embarrassingly homophobic jokes about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (although it’s still very hard not to laugh at Chris Paul complaining about having his head touched). Seriously, it’s possible to make jokes about three adult men hanging out on a tandem jetski without just going, “Lol, gaaay.”

Even leaving aside how tired many of the jokes are, this was broadcast by an ACTUAL NBA TEAM. It goes fully scorched-earth on every Clipper involved in getting DeAndre back, with an added potshot at Bill Simmons for some reason, and also savages Chris Broussard for misreporting the situation. It’s tired and stodgy to say, “show some class,” but “whiny internet troll” is just a bad look for a professional sports franchise.

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