Why Every Basketball Fan Should Care About This Season’s Dallas Mavericks

and 10.26.15 4 years ago

The 2015-16 NBA Season starts soon, preseason hoops are in full swing, and playoff prognostications have begun in earnest. Because season previews can get bogged down by team-specific minutiae, and we cover every basketball team, we’re providing our readers reasons why you should care about all 30 teams in the Association.

DIME MAG’s 2015-16 NBA Season Previews

This might’ve been a totally different preview if only DeAndre Jordan adheres to his verbal agreement. But that’s why you have to add a caveat for everything that happens during the moratorium. Despite what his U-turn might mean for the NBA moving forward, the Mavs have to try and do the same. It’s not going to be easy.

Dirk is an old man now, discussing hypothetical races with other old-time Hall of Famers. Deron Williams will turn 32 next summer, and his prime years have been anything but. Chandler Parsons didn’t play a minute during preseason games as he tries to get his knee right.

Instead of DJ, the Mavs will be starting long-time Buck, Zaza Pachulia with — wait for it — JaVale McGee backing him up. Oh yeah, Chandler and JaVale are both questionable for the start of the season.

But, the big free agent signing that did go through — former Blazers swingman, Wesley Matthews — played in Dallas’ last preseason game and looked okay. Offensively, he drained a couple of contested three-pointers and even took E’Twaun Moore down into the post and scored on a pretty right hook.


Things aren’t that bad, Mavs fans. And for non-fans, there are a few reasons to tune in to Dallas next week when the season tips off. Primarily, to see how Wes will hold up and whether he’s worth the four-year, $70 million deal he signed with Dallas over the summer.

Aside from Wes, will Dirk and Deron complement each other as well as Monta did with Dirk over the last two years?

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