Why The Dallas Mavericks ‘ZooLander’ Parody Is So Perfect

With Zoolander 2 on the horizon, the Dallas Mavericks took it upon themselves to get the word out with a parody of their own. Chandler Parsons, Dirk Nowitzki, Wes Matthews and Zaza Pachulia all star in this amazing video. Parsons actually moonlights as a model from time to time, so he was a natural for this video. The Zoolander persona is not far removed from Parsons’ actual personality.

Naturally, Dirk fulfilled his German obligations by appearing as Hansel. The Big German has gone through many hair phases in his 18-year career, but the Hansel look might be the best yet.

Parsons and Dirk were great, but Zaza might have stole the show by starring as Will Ferrell’s Mugatu. He has the perfect villain face and demeanor. Zaza should be required to have a poodle in his lap at all times now.

The Mavericks aired the video during their 114-91 victory against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night. Parsons and Dirk had a gasoline fight and JJ Barea flicked a cigarette to engulf the Warriors.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of ZooChandler and his model friends. This has great potential for a sequel.