This Mother Recounts Damian Lillard Sending Her Son To His Overcrowded Basketball Camp For Free

Damian Lillard
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You’d have to imagine that attending a camp run by Damian Lillard is extremely popular for youngsters in the Pacific Northwest. It’s not so surprising that such a camp sold out quickly and many would-be campers missed out, but thankfully for Erica Cassidy, Dame had her back when she missed the registration for her son, Kiefer.

As she recounted on Facebook, after being told that she was out of luck and that the camp was full with no waiting list for either session, Cassidy took a shot in the dark and DM’d Lillard on his Instagram page asking if there was any way that the sold-out camp could allow just one more player. Much to her surprise, Lillard not only responded to the message, but took care of her request, getting Kiefer in despite the camp being at full capacity. On top of all of that, he even paid for the registration fee of $325. Although that’s not all that much for Lillard and his $140 million contract, it can be quite a hefty sum for some families.

It probably was no sweat off of his back to do either of those things, it is his camp after all, but Lillard’s small act of kindness probably made both Cassidy and her son’s day, so for that he deserves a big thumbs up.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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