Damian Lillard Made Fun Of Ridiculous NBA Offseason Workout Videos By Making One Of His Own

09.15.18 10 months ago


Damian Lillard has seen all of your offseason workout videos, basketball players, and he’s here to top you all. Insert Dame, clad in a cape and “Rip City” shirt, battling pool toys and foam projectiles while he gets in a run with some very unusual training techniques.

Lillard has enjoyed himself this summer, once the initial shock of getting swept by the New Orleans Pelicans and the fallout from that cleared, of course. Lillard has poked fun at NBA news-breakers on Twitter, and his latest roast includes his own colleagues: NBA stars posting workouts to show just how cool and strong they are.

Lillard decided to make fun of some of the more intense workouts you see on your Instagram feed. The video is set to the theme from Rocky, so right away you know there’s a tongue placed firmly in cheek here. The resulting workout then includes badminton racquets, Nerf guns and hula hoops.

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