Damian Lillard Is Rapping Again, This Time Over Drake’s ’10 Bands’

damian lillard
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Damian Lillard has no offseason for one of his biggest passions. And it isn’t basketball.

The Portland Trailblazers’ All-everything point guard has been busy this summer, not necessarily with basketball – he recently said he won’t be participating in the Team USA camp – but with his music. Rapping athletes isn’t a new thing, especially when it comes to NBA players. However, the majority of those who try their hand at music fail pretty miserably. Dame is not one of these cases. Sam Amick, in one of his profiles of Lillard, captured the perfect quote about Lillard’s passion from David Vanterpool.

“A lot of people might think, ‘Oh he’s a basketball player and he’s rapping? That’s so cliché,’ ” said Blazers assistant David Vanterpool, a 41-year-old mentor of Lillard’s who, as an owner of the Sugar Hill Gang’s original Rapper’s Delight vinyl, fancies himself an expert on such musical matters. “But he’s no joke. He’s a rapper who plays basketball, in my opinion.”

Now Lillard – or, rather, his musical alter ego, DameDOLLA – is at it again, rapping over Drake’s “10 Bands.” As ever, it’s high quality stuff, proving Vanterpool’s words that Lillard is as much, if not more of a rapper than he is a baller.

(DamianLillard0 and USA Today)