D’Angelo Russell Says He Was ‘Excited’ When He Got Traded To The Nets

08.19.17 10 months ago

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When the Los Angeles Lakers elected to send D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets in a trade prior to the 2017 NBA Draft, the reaction wasn’t one of pure shock. After all, the franchise was reasonably focused on ridding itself of the mistake that is Mozgov’s exorbitant contract, and with Lonzo Ball now in the fold (after an assumption to that end when the trade was consummated), Russell’s fit may have been perilous with the team that originally drafted him out of Ohio State.

Still, it is almost always a difficult and surprising situation for a young and talented player when he is traded, and one might assume that Russell could have been less than thrilled. But on the New York area sports show Joe & Evan on WFAN, Russell expressed a very different sentiment. In fact, he said the following about his first reaction to being dealt, via Anthony Puccio of Nets Daily.

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