Watch Danilo Gallinari Hit A 70-Foot Bank Shot While Sitting On The Bench

Danilo Gallinari is one of the stars of the Italian national team, which means he’s in Lille, France, preparing for the quarterfinals of EuroBasket, in which his native Italy will face Lithuania on Wednesday. Well, he’s not spending all of his time preparing. He’s also clowning around on the practice court, nailing shots from what looks like 70 feet away, while sitting on the bench.

He did hit the backboard on the shot, and while we didn’t hear him say “banca,” we’re going to choose to believe he said it before the video started. Or you could say that it doesn’t matter, since it’s not H-O-R-S-E and he’s around 70 damn feet away. And kudos to Gallo for not concealing his delight at nailing that shot. To hell with acting like you’ve been there before; acting like you just got away with petty larceny is much more fun and relatable.

(Via Italbasket)