Dario Saric Dropped An F-Bomb On Live Television After A Teammate Dumped Water On His Head

Sunday’s win over the Brooklyn Nets was notable for the Philadelphia 76ers. With the 105-95 victory, Philly got its 10th win of the season. That doesn’t sound like much, but it surpasses the team’s win total from last year.

One of the team’s key contributors was rookie forward Dario Saric, who scored 18 points and grabbed five rebounds in 30 minutes. After the game, Saric was getting interviewed when one of his teammates decided to have some fun. The native of Croatia was discussing the importance of playing with heart when T.J. McConnell snuck up behind him with a small cup of water. McConnell poured it down the back of Saric’s head, which led to the rookie recoiling and dropping an f-bomb.

The best part is McConnell didn’t even seem like he dumped all that much water on Saric – it was a small amount that led to the freak out. Saric seemed kind of upset over this whole ordeal, as he kind of cracked a smile but otherwise didn’t look like he appreciated the back of his head getting wet.

If the Sixers ever have a game where Saric drops 40+ and hits a game winner against a team like the Cavs, McConnell and co. may need to dump an entire bucket of Gatorade on his head. We just hope there aren’t any live microphones around if that happens.