Dave Chappelle Doesn’t Know Where To Begin When It Comes To Kyrie Irving And The ‘Flat Earth Theory’


Dave Chappelle celebrated the release of his pair of stand-up specials on Netflix by stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live for a chat. In between discussion about his past, Chappelle’s Show, his new specials, and his views on comedy, Kimmel brought up that Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers popped into one of Chappelle’s stand-up shows in LA for some fun. James apparently hopped on stage and garnered a few laughs with some “assists” by Chappelle, but the chat turned interesting when Kimmel brought up Kyrie Irving’s revelation that he believes the world is flat.

Irving was joined by Shaq as a flat-Earth believer and supported by LeBron and Draymond Green during All-Star Weekend, but don’t expect the same kind of support from Chappelle:

I don’t understand the philosophy behind the flat Earth theory. First of all, what difference does it make? Could be flat, could not be flat, there could be twelve continents, how would you know?

From there, he mentions how the ability to fly all the way around the world is simple proof that the world isn’t flat, but that’s tough for some to believe apparently. The curve on the horizon is proof enough either.

Luckily, Chappelle didn’t bring it up during the show and a fun time was had by all. There was also the lack of cell phones during the show, allowing James and Chappelle to cut loose on stage. But the comedian cited “Fight Club rules” in reference to the crazy things he said about the NBA superstar, only hinting that he’s somewhat malicious but in a fun way. It’s no Chris Mullin and Paula Poundstone, but it’ll do.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)