A Memphis Newspaper Welcomed New Coach David Fizdale By Confusing Him With Juwan Howard

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David Fizdale served as an assistant coach for the Miami Heat from 2008 through the end of this season. He has also been an assistant with Atlanta and Golden State. He’s paid his dues, and been considered a lead candidate for head coaching jobs for a few years. Finally, this year, it paid off, and he signed a deal with the Memphis Grizzlies to replace Dave Joerger. Truly, this is an exciting time for Fizdale. So hopefully he didn’t see the picture in a Memphis newspaper that confused him with Juwan Howard. That might take the wind out of his sails a bit.


Yes, a paper in Memphis put a picture in their paper of Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra and Juwan Howard on the sidelines for Miami. The only problem is that it was supposed to be Fizdale, and the caption on the photo is all about Fizdale. Howard has been an assistant coach with the Heat for a couple years, like Fizdale, but it also is a bit of a head scratcher that this mistake would be made.

Fizdale and Howard don’t look all that much alike. Also, more importantly, Howard was a member of the Fab Five and played in the NBA for almost two decades, so you would think somebody would have looked at that photo and said, “Hey, that’s Juwan Howard.”

Well, some people did, just not anybody at the paper, evidently. This is not the best way to welcome your new head coach to town. That being said, this is a thing that happens a lot at local papers. Understaffed, and under the gun to get to print on time, sometimes you just grab the wrong photo and the caption doesn’t match up. And it leads to funny mistakes like this one.

(Via Chris Vernon)