The Suns Reportedly Have Interest In David Fizdale, But Might Have To Wait On The Lakers

02.28.18 12 months ago

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The coaching carousel in the NBA will be quite interesting to watch this summer as it’s possible that a number of teams look to make new hires. Memphis, Milwaukee and Phoenix are all on interim coaches right now, with the Bucks in particular being a highly coveted destination for coaches given their strong young roster.

Other teams, like the Knicks, Magic, and Lakers, among others, could look to make coaching changes for various reasons. The Knicks and Magic find themselves near the bottom of the league which often leads to a coaching change, but the most interesting of those is with regards to Luke Walton in L.A.

Walton has gotten a lot out of the young Lakers recently and would be a hot commodity should he be let go. That begs the question of why his name has come up as someone who could potentially lose their job, and the answer is fairly simple. The Lakers are going to go all-in on a push for LeBron James (and Paul George) and they might think a coaching change could give them a leg up in the race for James’ services on the free agent market.

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