David Lee Trolls Los Angeles With Dwight Howard Instagram Pic

07.08.13 6 years ago

The Golden State Warriors have always played second fiddle to the Los Angeles Lakers in the minds of a large majority of California residents. That happens when a team wins 16 titles while their rivals to the north have only won three — and none since the Rick Barry title in 1975. Maybe that’s why David Lee decided to troll the Lakers on Instagram tonight.

Lee sent out a condescending tweet to the municipality of Los Angeles late this afternoon with a picture of a Dwight Howard billboard from Sunset Blvd.


Lee’s Golden State Warriors signed Andre Iguodala in the days after a possible sign-and-trade deal for Howard that didn’t happen. We can understand Lee’s abhorrence of the Howard billboard mucking up his vista while sitting in LA traffic, but it’s gotta hurt for Lakers fans.

Are there any other Dwight Howard billboards still standing in the city of angels?

What do you think about Lee’s message? Was it a low-blow, or totally fair after the brouhaha of Dwightmare 2.0?

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