John Stockton’s Son Got Absolutely Brutalized On This Poster Dunk

This dunk, from Orlando Johnson of the Austin Spurs, is the kind of hellacious throwdown that makes people look like they just smelled some garbage. It is all kinds of nasty, and not a nice thing to do to someone around the holidays. Watching it on a loop just hammers home how mean it was:

Johnson is just the kind of player we associate with the D-League: a big performer in college (he led UC Santa Barbara to consecutive NCAA tournament appearances), not quite able to catch on in the NBA (he had brief cups of coffee with the Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings), and now he’s grinding it out and hoping to get on someone’s radar. Well, this dunk can’t hurt. And if you’re wondering who the poor soul is getting called for a foul and ending up on a poster, why, it’s John Stockton’s son, David!

Yes, little David Stockton is also grinding it out for the Reno Bighorns, but though he stands only 5-foot-11 in shoes, he’s a bigger name than Johnson, which is why Orlando probably took extra pleasure in completely humiliating him. Seriously, he kneed Stockton in the chin with this dunk. That’s how high he jumped. And Stockton’s poor positioning in the restricted area got him called for the foul, which is the basketball definition of adding insult to injury.