Day 3 Recap of the 2012 Pac 12 Basketball Tournament

Dime will be in the building all week for the 2012 Pac-12 basketball tournament to drop some knowledge on you about multiple, epic fails of NCAA Tournament hopes and Ernie Kent’s drink of choice.


As a recent college graduate, I’m not down with dropping the cash to stay at the media hotel across from Staples Center. The first night of the tourney, I made the mistake of shelling out $40 bucks to stay at a downtown hotel that Hotels.com didn’t mention as being, essentially, a hostel. Lesson learned. I found a happy medium at a Best Western 30 minutes away from downtown, near the beach nonetheless.

However, I’ll surely partake in media hospitality events that include drinks. That’s where I ended up last night after the games, and I found myself breaking down stereotypes of people within the media.

The most interesting of the media types, to me, are the TV personalities. That’s because they’re either tall, pretty blonde girls or ex-basketball coaches. Rebecca Haarlow and former Oregon Ducks coach Ernie Kent of Fox Sports were lounging in the media hotel lobby last night, and I really can’t image what a conversation between the two would be about.

Breaking down a zone defense? The hasty reapplication of blush during the under-15 media timeout? Dirty recruiting tactics? That awkward interview with Sean Miller? Maybe Ernie was only there for the red wine. As the great George Carlin put it, these are the things I think about when sitting home alone in the dark.

*** *** ***

Arizona (4) 72, Oregon State (9) 61
Colorado (6) 70, California (2) 59

Best of the day: With all the tomfoolery of Pac-12 teams shooting themselves in the foot, the Arizona Wildcats are taking clear advantage. A brutal regular season loss to the struggling Arizona State Sun Devils put their NCAA tourney hopes in the freezer, but the Wildcats have begun thawing out. Beating a streaking Oregon State team on Friday by a score of 72-61 gives the Wildcats control of their own destiny.