De’Aaron Fox Took Down The Heat With A Ridiculous Game-Winning Tip Slam

Via NBCSKings

The Sacramento Kings have won a basketball game in Miami for the first time in more than a decade. The lowly Kings took down the surging Heat on Thursday night, 89-88, in about as dramatic and dynamic a fashion as you can imagine.

The Kings had the ball down by one point with the clock running down in the game. Bogdan Bogdanović, who had 11 points on the evening, attempted a fall away jumper that bounced off of the rim and looked like it was going to land in the hands of Goran Dragic with only a few seconds remaining, meaning the Kings would have to foul and try to extend the game.

De’Aaron Fox was having none of this. The rookie point guard strapped a jet pack to his back, going up and snatching the ball with two hands. While he was still in the air, he thought it would be cool to just dunk all over Dragic and seal a win for the Kings.

I do not want to suggest anything, because I have zero idea how anyone can do something like this, but I have to believe that Fox is able to levitate. That is the only logical explanation for how he can jump like this.

Anyway, shout out to the Kings for picking up this win — winning in a place for the first time in 16 years is cool as heck, especially when you win because your star rookie point guard looked like he used a trampoline to elevate and convert a walk-off dunk.