Deandre Ayton Is A Superstar Prospect, But His ‘NBA 2K’ Habits Are A Cause For Concern

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If you’re a team at the top of the 2018 NBA Draft, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more tantalizing prospect than Arizona center Deandre Ayton. The seven footer doesn’t appear to have any major flaws in his game, and at the very worst will be a solid NBA center. If it all works out, though, Ayton has the potential to be a superstar.

There is, however, a major issue that any team that drafts Ayton will need to address: Is it worth drafting him when he does basically everything you should not do while playing NBA 2K? Sam Vecenie of The Athletic reported that Ayton believes he is the best 2K player in Arizona’s locker room, which is a distinction you’d assume a bunch of people on the Wildcats want.

The problem comes when we find out exactly why Ayton is so good. Look at this nonsense.

I have never played 2K against someone who insists on turning off fatigue, but the concept of it makes me mad. I have, however, played against people who use the Warriors, which is the single most unfair thing that a person can do — it’s like when people would use some of those really insane Oregon squads on NCAA Football or Barcelona in FIFA. It is worth standing up for the rest of the guys on Arizona who have to go against a fatigue-less Golden State squad, one which is tailor-made to throttle opponents in 2K through it’s ability to throw up shots from all over the court.

Imagine what will happen once Ayton gets to the NBA and tries to pull this stuff. It’s hard to foresee anyone letting him get away with it, and for good reason, because this is extremely not cool. If you’re an NBA team, you’ll have to weigh whether this is worth the fact that Ayton is frequently compared to David Robinson and might be the best center prospect to come into the league since Karl-Anthony Towns.