Deandre Ayton Explained Why He Switched From Pumas To Nikes In Summer League

07.10.18 1 year ago

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Deandre Ayton has been one of the few top draft picks to look the part in NBA Summer League, playing solidly and managing to have a positive impact on the Suns squad despite the struggles of his guards to get him the ball. It’s not been a dominant stretch by Ayton, but that’s to be expected from a non-shooting big man in Summer League, and given the struggles of Marvin Bagley and Trae Young, solid is pretty good.

While Ayton’s been a walking double-double in Summer League, one of the most interesting things about his time in Las Vegas has been regarding his footwear. Ayton famously inked a deal, along with Bagley and a few others, to join Puma as they re-launch their basketball line for the first time in 20 years.

However, after donning the Puma Clyde Court early, Ayton switched to the Nike Kobe A.D. recently, causing some eyebrows to be raised. The rookie big man had a more than reasonable explanation for that switch, and highlighting one of the issues facing a brand jumping in the performance hoops shoe game after years out of it.

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