DeAndre Jordan Dunked Over DJ Khaled For His First Dunk Contest Attempt

DeAndre Jordan made the NBA Dunk Contest, and in his first attempt, he brought out DJ Khaled and a DJ booth to jump over. Khaled held the ball over his head in one hand and, of course, was Snapchatting the dunk with the other.

Jordan succeeded on his first try with a solid dunk, nothing spectacular, but the showmanship was strong enough to earn a 41 from the judges. It wasn’t the smoothest of dunks, as he clipped Khaled’s arm with his leg and didn’t do anything more than cock it back and throw it down, but any time you can dunk on DJ Khaled you have to take that opportunity.

It was a big night for Khaled, as he performed between the Three-Point Shootout and the Dunk Contest, and also made a three-pointer to help raise $10,000 for the Sager Strong Foundation. Somehow, dunking over Khaled and a DJ booth wasn’t even the most elaborate dunk attempt of the first round, as Aaron Gordon brought out a dang drone for his first dunk (it did not go well).

Jordan’s 41 off of his Khaled dunk was good enough for third place after their first dunk, behind Glenn Robinson III and Derrick Jones Jr., but ahead of the pre-contest favorite in Gordon, who struggled to execute his drone dunk.