DeAndre Jordan Completely Embarrassed Pau Gasol With This Massive One-Handed Jam

Hassan Whiteside believes that DeAndre Jordan “just catches” lobs, but on Thursday evening, the Los Angeles Clippers’ big man created a memorable dunk in slightly different fashion. Within the first few moments of a game against the San Antonio Spurs, Jordan collected a bounce pass from Chris Paul in the lane. From there, it was all Jordan, as he devastated Pau Gasol with a dunk that sent anyone and everyone who witnessed it into a frenzy.

Jordan’s reputation as an elite finisher around the rim precedes him but, apparently, no one told Gasol (who isn’t exactly a game-changing defensive stopper at the rim). The veteran big man elected to jump in an attempt to deter the oncoming freight train from completing what would become a highlight dunk, but Gasol was painfully unsuccessful and Marv Albert’s call on TNT referred to the dunk as a “facial” with good reason.

After the play was complete, Jordan provided a slight celebration immediately but it appeared to be a sort of “ho-hum” play for the talented center. That almost makes this annihilation even more impressive, simply because DeAndre Jordan knew he was fully capable of such a display and he provided onlookers with evidence to back up what he believed.

For Pau Gasol, it might be better to get out of the way next time.