DeAndre Jordan Pretended To Polish An Analyst’s Bald Head On Live TV

Contributing Writer

The Clippers’ pace this season has finally slowed now that they’ve dropped a few games in a row, but that’s not stopping them from having fun. Before their 91-70 loss to the Paul George-less Pacers on Sunday, DeAndre Jordan especially enjoyed the night and took some time out of his work day to play a prank on an unsuspecting announcing crew.

Jordan noticed the camera and the crew and walked up and pantomimed polishing one guy’s shiny, bald head. It was done completely unbeknownst to the announcer, who kept right on doing his thing. Hey, maybe this happens all the time and the dude is an absolute pro. One member of the broadcast crew noticed and couldn’t but giggle while DeAndre went on about his business.

There’s been a looseness to the Clippers, especially early on this season. Whether that’s due to the team staying healthy, or them finally gelling together to be the team they’re supposed to be, the rest of the Western Conference should take notice. While it’s been Golden State’s conference to lose the past couple seasons, Los Angeles could throw a wrench in the whole thing. They likely won’t be able to do it unless they keep on goofing off and having fun.

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