DeAndre Jordan Shows Off His “Stank Face” On Instagram Video After Receiving His ESPY’s Gift

07.17.13 6 years ago

After DeAndre Jordan threw down arguably the dunk of the year on poor Brandon Knight last season, he showed off a “stank face” for the cameras. For tonight’s ESPY Awards, ESPN sent Jordan a gift, and he showed the stank face on a great Instagram video.

Here’s that Jordan dunk again because we could watch it forever.

And here’s DJ’s so-called “stank face,” after the dunk:

ESPN asked their fans to send DJ funny gifts for tonight’s ESPYs. One fan decided to send DJ some Febreeze for the “stank face” he gave after the dunk in Knight’s grill. Here’s Jordan opening up the gift.

DJ’s dunk is up for Play of the Year tonight at the ESPYs, and he’s pretty excited, so make sure to keep an eye out because we’re pretty sure he’ll bust out the “stank face” if he’s called to the podium.

Will DeAndre Jordan always be most famously known for that dunk on Brandon Knight?

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