Watch DeAndre Jordan Sky To Finish Halfcourt Lob Versus Warriors

10.22.14 4 years ago

DeAndre Jordan can jump. We all know that. But what’s equally impressive though often overlooked about the Los Angeles Clippers high-flyer is his incredible speed and dexterity for a player his size. Jordan moves and contorts like a 6-7, 210 pound small forward as opposed to 6-11, 265 pound center, and it allows him to rim-run for finishes and lob other big men just can’t make. This sick halfcourt alley-oop against the Golden State Warriors is just such an example.

So telling of Jordan’s established physical prowess is that such a play barely elicits an eyebrow raise for some. It would even be more notable if Dwight Howard did this than DAJ. Heavy lies the center dunking crown.

But he’s been a freak athlete for years. What made all the difference for Jordan last season is that his defensive nuance and understanding began to catch up to his natural ability. Should Jordan continue to make strides on that end of the floor and make slight improvement from the free throw line, it wouldn’t shock if Jordan made his first All-Star team this season.

(Video via NBA)

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